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About the Author

Vital Statistics: Brett Smith, 34 yrs old, male, Canadian, located in downtown Toronto, Ontario, currently employed in the newspaper industry though perhaps for not much longer, single, childless, petless, same height and weight as Tim Lincecum but with much less hair and a highly mediocre fastball.

Background: For ten years I have had a small corner of the web – dedicated to a narrow subject (baseball), though if you care to read through it I think you can learn a lot about me (or at least, I hope you can – it would be disappointing if someone who read years of my writing still found me to be a cypher).

Anyways, I’ve decided to open up another corner on the web, for a variety of reasons. One, because I want to write about a wider variety of topics. Two, because I’ve spent the past ten years working on the internet, and would like to consume a popular technology – WordPress! – that I have somehow managed to ignore up until now.

This will also be my first real attempt at blogging – it will take awhile before the voice starts to take shape, and although I’ve spent many hours buried in CSS and templates, I haven’t even begun to think about what this thing will look like a year from now.

Thanks for passing by!

– Brett Smith

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