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On and around the waterfront

September 27, 2010

It’s now the end of September in Toronto, and I’ve been a stranger to the waterfront this year. Partly because I’m not very adventurous, partly because it’s been stinking hot, and partly because the waterfront has always been a good place to make a stranger of.

Put it was a pleasant Sunday, stuff is being built or has been built, and I’ve seen little of it, so I made a trip to the foot of Spadina to see the Wavedeck that had been built there (I traveled light, carrying only my Droid phone, so the pictures are what they are).

A familiar view from the foot of lower Spadina Avenue.

A not-so-familiar view: The Spadina Wavedeck.

The Wavedecks at Rees and (especially) Simcoe are more eye-catching, the photos not so much (I still have a bad habit of coverage the shutter on my Droid with my finger, and I missed a kid doing some tricks with his bike. Anyways, this video has some impressive before-and-after views)

Willow trees at HTO Park.


Unfortunately, once you hit Ferry Docks, it’s back onto the sidewalk, and such beautiful landmarks as Captain John’s. Beyond that the lake shore is extraordinarily forbidding to pedestrians. But there’s stuff being built, including the newly-opened Sherbourne Common, a park/storm water treatment facility.

At the moment, the fountains at Sherbourne Common are making little puddles on the ground. But you really can walk right up to lake shore.

The other part of Sherbourne Common, still a work in progress.

The City, and people who use the waterfront, still have some details to work out.

The Port Lands are still not a place I care to visit often; they’re pretty bleak, unless you’re in to Go-Karts or year-round driving ranges. But there is an actual beach at the end of the road.

A view from the Ship Channel Bridge. Or Cherry Street Bridge, I can't remember which one.

Cherry Beach on a warm Sunday afternoon in September... and a whole lot of nobody there.

Walking from Spadina to Cherry Beach also reminded me that I’m terribly out of shape and my feet hurt, so that was that. Looking at a map, it’s amazing how little of the waterfront I’ve seen; Toronto is a big city, and when you stick to your own little neighbourhood it’s easy to forget how much more there is out there.

(case in point: like many commenters – and non-drivers – on this post, I’ve NEVER seen the Cube House, and didn’t even know it was there. Though at one point yesterday I was just a couple of blocks from it.)

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