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Don’t leave home without it

August 8, 2010

I did something today I had never done before – I took my cellphone to the theatre. Many times in the past a play/movie/concert has been interrupted by a ringing phone, and to me the easiest solution was to leave it at home. I don’t mind being disconnected from the world for a couple of hours.

But since I got my Droid a couple of months ago, I’ve been thinking more that soon we’ll have no choice but to take them everywhere. Apart from convenient features – like a map to help find the theatre – I really think that within a decade smartphones could replace debit cards or credit cards as our means of payment.

They can also be a bunch of other things; iPhones/Androids/BlackBerrys etc. have received plenty of hype in recent months and I don’t need to add to it, but we’ll really have no choice but to take them everywhere. And take care of them. So I took extra precautions to keep mine quiet. I turned it into a brick; and though I worried about it throughout the performance it behaved itself.

It seems a ridiculously minor thing to be proud of, but living in the city there is already enough frustration with people who can’t control their pets, or their children, and now are unable to control their phones – which for some people might as well be a pet or a child.

(as for the play, the cast was energetic, the script was weak, the theatre was hotter than hell – it was Summerworks, it is what it was)

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