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Hail! Hail! Go away…

April 18, 2010

I am a gardening sophomore this year; last summer on my balcony I made my first attempt at growing life forms, with mixed success; the parsley did quite well, and I ate it frequently during the summer. The mint, rosemary, and thyme, not so much. The basil never had a chance; it was the first plant I bought, in the second week of April, and a few days later the city was hit by a hail storm. The basil turned black, though I kept caring for it, and eventually it turned green again. It was a nice feeling to see it come back to life, but it never thrived.

I got lazy late in the year, and left the plants out to be killed by the first frost (procrastination, really, as I have a small apartment with no place to actually put them during the winter). But I started buying new supplies early this year, and have been doing more research on the net, and hope to have better success. The markets have started stocking herbs, and with the crazy-warm weather we’ve having, it’s hard to resist the temptation to get started.

But first, a cold shower – I went out to visit a local garden shop to see what they were carrying, and the guy said he wouldn’t have any herbs until mid-May – and as I walked home, it started to rain. And then the rain turned to hail – that’s two years in a row that hail has struck in the second week of April. There’s probably a lesson there.

But I’m impatient so I’ve purchased two things I didn’t have last year – some chives, and a cactus. Back in university, cacti seemed to be a popular roommate for a lot of students, though I never understood why. But ever since a new condo was erected across the street, completely blocking the view of the CN Tower, my balcony has been conspicuously lacking in phallic imagery. So I’ll take a shot keeping this one alive, hopefully for more than a few months.

This week will be warm and sunny, so I don’t know if I will give in to the temptation to buy some more plants sooner rather than later. Or maybe I should try growing from seeds, I haven’t decided. But I want to try to keep things simple; my balcony looks and feels incredibly sterile, and it was hard enough last year keeping things, never mind having them thrive.

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