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Rhubarb League baseball?

March 14, 2010

As you may be aware, today (3/14) is Pi Day. You might ask why pi needs its own day – but then again, why not? It’s the number that makes the world go round, literally.

Tomorrow is a new moon.

Here in the Toronto we’ve had the most miserable weekend of the extended autumn (I think we kind of missed winter – in fact, this was the warmest and driest winter in Canada since we started keeping records*) The sky has been overcast for days and it’s been rainy and windy.and dark and depressing. Apparently, Sirius is bright in the south right now, just a little SE of Orion; Mars is overhead and Venus is in the west – but I can’t really say.

But six days (March 20) from now is the spring equinox, finally bringing our long autumn to an end. Baseball is starting up again; that is always good.

And Daylight Savings Time began this morning in Ontario and lots of other places. I still haven’t made up my mind whether DST is good or bad or just not worth having an opinion on. Last year I remember hating it for some reason, this year I’m less bothered. The subject does get people riled.

I will say that I find the government’s manipulation of DST – with the claim that this “could reduce energy bills as a result”, a claim that could also be entirely bogus – to be very icky.

* Of course, this was the year in which the rest of the world got its ass whupped by Old Man Winter, and in which the term snowmageddon entered the lexicon. It also, predictably, sparked much debate over whether this is evidence of global warming or cooling. But I would like to talk about global swapping; perhaps this is the beginning of a “thermal exchange” in which we take Florida’s winters and they get ours. Maybe baseball would then move spring training to southern Ontario as well; that would be cool.

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