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One of the few

January 2, 2010

Much of my spare time the past two days has been spent/wasted doing research for some articles for my other website, and at this point it’s unclear how much of that research I will actually use. In any case, my latest article on the baseball Hall of Fame is here; in less than 24 hours I have already decided that one idea is sorely underdeveloped while another is just plain wrong (but food for the next article).

I will reprint only one paragraph, which I wasn’t even intending to write but just sort of came out:

And besides, exclusivity sucks. Many of us learn this in grade school, when we are either left out of groups, or form a group with the intent of leaving others out. But we keep doing it our whole, forming exclusive clubs or exclusive golf courses or exclusive this and that – but the strength of any group of humans is its diversity. Any exclusive group of like-minded individuals is as doomed over the long-term as a Royal family full of hemophiliacs; as soon as the founding members lose interest or die off, the quality of the membership declines, and soon the “exclusive” part is a joke because nobody wants to join.

Its relevance to the baseball Hall of Fame, or to anything else, is something I will need to work on.

Elsewhere… after midnight tonight, the Earth reaches its perihelion – it’s closest point to the sun. Toronto has responded in style with a -27 C wind chill this morning.

Also, the UN has named 2010 the International Year of Biodiversity. At the top of its list of endangered animals that require saving is Panthera tigris, the mighty tiger, of which there are only 3200 left on the planet.

Last year was the International Year of Astronomy, which I marked by buying a neat little telescope. It’s pretty hard to buy a tiger, but unfortunately it’s fairly easy to buy an endangered snake or tree frog if you really want one – and the international black market pet trade is a big reason why some of these animals are endangered in the first place.

And here’s a gallery of endangered frogs, just because frogs are awesome (but should be left alone to be normal frogs).

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