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Good news for Canadians – but it’s all about me

December 23, 2009

My regularly scheduled post has been interrupted for this important clip from CTV News. A couple of things:

  • – the Supreme Court of Canada has chilled the “Libel Chill” that has existed in Canada for years. Reporters can now do important work without the constant threat of having their asses sued (so long as they do their jobs well)
  • – my stress toy makes a cameo appearance. And a well-earned two seconds of fame, I might say.

I have first-hand knowledge that there’s almost always someone doing something useful in the Toronto Star newsroom – making me wonder why the cameraman would choose to focus on me when I’m not doing a damn thing.

(or perhaps I should celebrate my nonproductiveness at that moment in time as a reasonable response to working hours a day in front of a computer terminal with mountains of information flowing by)

“Technology reduces the amount of time it takes to do any one task, but it also leads to an expansion of tasks that people are expected to do.”

Juliet Schor

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